Work Allocation

A.Council of Ministers and Whips

Council of Ministers and matters connected therewith.
Salaries, allowances, residences, tours and all other matters. Parliamentary Secretaries:
Allocation of Business among Ministers and Ministers of state.
Whips and Matters [Connected] therewith.

B. Business Rules

Karnataka Government [Transaction of Business] Rules 1977.
Karnataka Government [Transaction of Business] Rules 1977.

C. Raj Bhavan

Governor and Raj Bhavan.

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Questions pertaining to the Constitution of India.
Zonal Councils
Rules of former Princely States and Ex-Rulers
Agreements between the Government of India and the Rulers of Indian State.

E. Public Services

Civil lists, History of services of officers, etc.,

Indian Administrative Service

Indian Police Service

Indian Forest Service

Karnataka Administrative Services, Class-1

Appointments, postings, transfers, leave and control of officers and other staff under the administrative control of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms. Deputy Commissioners, District Superintendents of Police and all Officers of the rank of Head of a Department.

State Re-organisation and all connected matters such as Interstate seniority list, assets and liabilities etc.

F. Service Rules.

1. Recruitment Rules generally applicable to services and posts in connection with affairs of

the state including.

Civil Services [General Recruitment] Rules.

Gazetted Probationers Rules.

Ministerial and non-ministerial servants Recruitment Rules, and

Recruitment Rules relating to the services and posts under the administrative control of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms.

2. Rules relating to the conditions of service of persons appointed to service and posts in

connection with the affairs of the State excluding salaries, allowances, leave and pensions, but including.

Civil Services [conduct] Rules.

Civil Services [Classification, Control and Appeal] Rules.

Government Servants [Probation] Rules.

Government Servants [Seniority] Rules. and

Government Servants [Medical Attendance] Rules. and

Civil Services [Confidential Reports] Rules.

Departmental Examinations and Tests.

Reservation for Schedules Castes. Schedules Tribes and Backward Classes in Public Services

Foreign Services, deputation of officers on.

Foreign and Government Scholarships, Study Leave Concessions, etc.

Foreign Exchange.

Safeguarding of the rights and legitimate interests of all establishments.

All matters relating to service questions and their interpretation other than the Karnataka Civil Services Rules.

Government Servants Associations.

All cases of relaxation of Rules of Recruitment or of conditions of service of Government Servants.

Karnataka Administrative Tribunal.


G.Confidential Reports

Confidential reports on Law and Order received from other State Government.

H. Emblems and Flags

All matters relating to the National and state emblems and the National Flag except those coming under item (12) under the heading A. Large and Medium Scale Industries of the Commerce and Industries Department.

I.High Court

High Court and its administration. service matters relating to High Court Judges and District Judges.

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J.Public Service Commission

All matters pertaining to the Karnataka Public Service Commission.

K. Lokayukta*


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L. Secretariat

  1. Secretariat.: - All matters Pertaining to staff and their requirements , maintenance of Vidhana Soudha and attached building like Residential quarters in the Cubbon Park etc.,
  2. Government Buildings, Staff Quarters etc.
  3. Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Karnataka Legislative Council, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Questions, Resolutions, Assurances, etc.
  4. Telegraphic address- Registration of Telephones
  5. Release of Air Priority Seats
  6. State Administration Reports
  7. Executive Instruction of Government Staff Welfare
  8. Secretariat Library.

M. Protocol, Hospitality and Ceremonials

Distinguished and other State Guests, Guest Houses, Government Hostels, State Dinners,
Warrant of Precedence.
Awards of High Dignitarites action
Death of High Dignitaries-action to be taken on the occasion of.
Public Holidays including Holidays on special occasions.


The main functions of the Cabinet Section is conducting Cabinet Meetings and Cabinet Sub-committee meetings. The subjects enumerated in Schedule I to the Karnataka Government (Transaction of Business) Rules, 1977 will be brought before the Cabinet for consideration. The proposals referred to Cabinet Section by various Departments will be scrutinized in accordance with the provisions of Karnataka Government (Transaction of Business) Rules, 1977 and submitted to the Chief Secretary for approval. After the approval of Chief Secretary, the proposal will be submitted to the Minister concerned for approval. The proposals which are cleared by the Minister concerned will be included in the Agenda to be prepared for the Cabinet Meeting. After the meeting, Cabinet resolutions will be drafted and submitted to the Chief Secretary and the Chief Minister. After approval by the Chief Minister, the resolutions will be sent to the concerned Administrative Departments along with the concerned file for implementation.

Cabinet Section also takes action for constitution of Cabinet Sub-committees and conducting of the meetings of the Cabinet Sub-committee.

O. Miscellaneous

Subjects not provided elsewhere in the Schedule.

Government of Karnataka