The Department of Cabinet Affairs and the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms mainly deal with :

a) The State Governmentís Personnel Management function to facilitate implementation of policies relating to personnel management in various departments of Government and providing advice and guidance in all service matters.

b) All matters concerning the process of Administration with a view to increase efficiency and bring improvement in the quality of work in every sphere of administration.


The functions comprise three broad groups as under :-


1. Formulation of personnel policies on matters relating to Recruitment, Promotion and conditions of service.
2. Reservation of SC/ST and other backward classes in the Civil Services.
3. Morale of the services including disciplinary and vigilance procedures.
4. Staff Welfare.
5. Research in Personnel Administration.


1. Cadre Management, regulations and control of the State Services like K.A.S. and the State Secretariat Services.
2. Cadre Management, regulations and control of the All India Services.
3. Departmental enquiries against Officers working under the administrative control of D.P.A.R.


1. Karnataka Public Service Commission.
2. Karnataka Lokayukta.
3. Recruitment Committees.
4. Karnataka Administrative Tribunal.
5. Karnataka High Court.


The Karnataka Government Secretariat Library which is housed in the north side of Vidhana Soudha and which also has a branch in the multistoried buildings is being made into an important information center. A new computer systems has been installed in the library for increasing the speed of processing. The smart card technology has been incorporated into the library system. The Chief Librarian was deputed to the National level training programme held at Calcutta so that it would benefit in improving the Library. The total stock of the secretariat Library is 1,13,433. A total of 1008 new books were added during the year. A new sub committee has been constituted mainly for the selection of books to the library. The working hours of the Secretariat Library and itís branch Library at Multistoried buildings have been extended for the members from 9-00 AM to 6-00 PM. Six library technicians have been appointed to the vacant posts of the Secretariat Library on contract basis during the year. The membership of the Secretariat Library now stands at 4053 with 184 officials applying for membership during the year. The Apprentice training scheme is also being continued in the Secretariat Library.


DPAR (Administration) is dealing with service matters of Section Officers, Gazetted Personal Assistants, Senior Assistants, Senior Stenographers, Stenographers, Assistants, Senior Typists, Junior Assistants, Typists, Drivers and Group-D employees. As at the end of December 2001, 358 Section Officers, 53 Gazetted Personal Assistants, 1 Deputy Librarian and 4 Section Officer (drafting) are working in the Secretariat. 356 Senior Assistants, 52 Senior Stenographers, 514 Assistants, 303 Stenographers, 371 Junior Assistants and 181 Senior Typists/Typists were working in the Secretariat. Similarly, 52 drivers and 824 Group-D employees are also working.


D.P.A.R (Services Wing) is dealing with the service matters of All India Services like IAS, IPS and IFS. In addition it is dealing with the service matters of H.O.Ds, Chief Engineers, Under Secretaries and above cadre of officers of Secretariat and KAS Officers.


The Executive Wing is dealing with the Service Matters relating to Drivers and Group-D employees of Secretariat. At present 88 Drivers, 243 Jamedars and 863 posts of Dalayat, Sweepers, scavengers etc., are working in the Karnataka Government Secretariat.


1. New Policy on the transfer of Government Servants:

The existing guidelines on the transfer of Government Servants have been reviewed and a new policy in this regard has been formulated as contained in Government Order No.DPAR 4 STR 2001, dated.22-11-2001.

2. New Rules for direct recruitment without interview:

The Karnataka Civil Services (Direct Recruitment by Selection) Rules, 1973, which contained an element of interview have been repealed and in their place, the Karnataka Civil Services (Direct Recruitment by Competitive Examinations)(General) Rules, 2001 have been framed. KCS(DR by Competitive Examinations)(General) Rules, 2001, provide for selection on the basis of marks secured in the Competitive Examinations. Element of interview has been removed.

3. Reduced Weightage to interviews:

The Karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment) Rules,1977 have been amended to the effect that in respect of selections wherein an element of interview is prescribed, the maximum marks earmarked for such interview shall not exceed five percent of the maximum marks specified for written competitive examination or the qualifying examinations, as the case may be, and in case the maximum marks so earmarked for interview, exceeds the said percentage, it shall be deemed to have been reduced to five percent of the maximum marks specified for the written competitive examination or the qualifying examination, as the case may be.

4. Backlog:

With the objective of expeditiously filling up the backlog in Direct Recruitment and making up the shortfall in the representation of the persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes in the posts in the Civil Services and the State, the Karnataka State Civil Services (Unfilled Vacancies reserved for the persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes)(Special Recruitment)Rules, 2001 have been framed in Notification No. DPAR 13 SBC 2001, dated 21-11-2001.

5. Rules of Recruitment:

The Service Rules Wing of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, among the other functions, performs the function of formulating the Cadre and Recruitment Rules of all the Departments of Government. This function is performed in accordance with the provision of Karnataka State Civil Services Act, 1978(Act 14 of 1990). During the year 2001-2002, 23 draft rules and 33 final rules were published.

6. Expeditious conduct of departmental enquiries:

With the objective of expeditiously conducting the departmental enquiries, a new panel of the retired Judges, who can be appointed as Inquiring Authorities and Presenting Officers, has been made available to all the departments as per the O.M. No. DPAR 3 SDE 96, dated 20-9-2001.

7. Imposition of Penalties:

With the Objective of bringing about consistency in the quantum of the penalties imposed by the various disciplinary authorities for comparable acts of misconduct, an illustrative list indicating as to which proven act of misconduct carries what penalty has been issued as per the O.M. No. DPAR 18 SDE 2001, dated. 14-9-2001.

8. Karnataka Public Service Commission:

(a) Dr.H.N.Krishna, was appointed as Chairman, Karnataka Public Service Commission, in notification No. DPAR 38 SSC 2000, dated. 10-1-2001.

(b) Dr.H.S.Patil, was appointed as Member, Karnataka Public Service Commissioner, in notification No. DPAR 2 SSC 2001, dated.14-3-2001.

(c) A post of Controller of Examinations was created in the Karnataka Public Service Commissioner in Govt.Order NO. DPAR 14 SSC 2000,dated.15-12-2001.

For more details,


In Government Order No.DPAR 3 Sevane 2000, dated 1-4-2000, the term of the Stenographers and Typists Selection Authority has been extended for one more recruitment.



State Hospitality Organisation has the administrative control of Kumara Krupa Guest House and Balboorie Guest House at Bangalore; Government Guest House, Mysore, Gandhi Nilaya, Nandi; Karnataka Government Guest House, Ooty and Karnataka Bhavan at New Delhi. The State Hospitality Organisation is extending boarding, Lodging and transport facilities to VVIPs and other State Guests who visit the State befitting the status of the Dignitaries.

Recently there has been a considerable increase in the inflow of guests to the State. Totally 864 guests along with their families have been considered as State Guests and facilities accorded. Accordingly, during the year up to December 2001 in addition to 43 (Forty three only) non-paying Guests 5702(Five thousand Seven hundred two only) guests have also been provided facilities on payment basis and an amount of Rs. 37,92,592-00 was collected from the guests.


Karnataka Bhavan, New Delhi is entrusted with the work of Liaisoning between the Centre and the State regarding issues pending with the Central Government, cases pending with the Supreme Court etc., In addition the Bhavan provides boarding, lodging and transport facilities to the Ministers, Legislators and Members of Parliament and Senior Officers of the State who visit Delhi.

During the year under report totally 6608 guests were given accommodation in Karnataka Bhavan. I,II & III amount of Rs. 54,62,884-00 was collected from the Guests.

Government of Karnataka